Message from the Founders

Thank you for dropping by The Bound Lotus Foundation website.
There are plentiful opportunities to participate in the missions of the foundation.
And they all can be proportional to what resources you have to share.
Very often that may simply be your time ~ a most valuable commodity.
Other resources include your network of relationships, unique talents and your own personal missions and goals.
Perhaps such ideas or interests can become a mission of the foundation.
And of course we are interested in Financial Contributions.
We are just getting started; we are so grateful to magnetize assets of any kind or nature.

The spark of inspiration for the creation of the Bound Lotus Foundation comes from a description of a healing and transformative space passed down from teacher to student. A notion of a pavilion, where through yoga and meditation combined with community and resources, an environment would be fostered to heal, elevate, share and serve. How this would be accomplished and where was never discussed. And so on a to-do list the Bound Lotus Pavilion has remained until now.

Our current approach is simple. For now we are a virtual gathering place and a group of yogis, healers, teachers, artists and business people intent on making yoga and meditation available to those in need. While we serve this mission, we will build community and magnetize resources of all kinds and when opportune manifest the first pavilion and all those that follow.

Please be in touch with ideas, questions, and anything you would like to share.


Mahankirn and Eddy