The mission of Bound Lotus Foundation, Inc. (the "Organization") is to realize and deliver on the vision of Yogi Bhajan to create The Bound Lotus Pavilion; a place of service, healing, teaching and practice intended to provide to the general public a sacred space of elevating and transformative impact. The Organization intends to make yoga, meditation and healing available to the general public at the Pavilion. The Pavilion will also be utilized for performances, art installations, group meetings and various events consistent with, and furthering of, the mission of the Organization.

The Organization also intends to sponsor opportunities to create additional sacred spaces; and to serve, teach and heal, give motivational speeches and provide trainings, particularly for those who do not have the resources to do so on their own, all while inspiring participation, cooperation and community.

The Organization intends to solicit the public at large for donations. All activities of the Organization will be managed by the officers and Directors of the Organization as well as any other individual or individuals designated by the Directors and officers to conduct such activities on behalf of the Organization.